Our new hobby -- and way to exercise!

Living immediately next to the Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation area, we realized it was a shame that we were not taking advantage of the many trails throughout this area.  Soooooo, we bought new mountain bikes in January of 2008.  Cheryl has a "Giant Trance 2" and John a "Cannondale Rush 6."  We are just getting our legs and lungs back and have only taken very short rides so far.  Quite different from street bike riding.  Man, are we out of shape!!!!

Us, in Big Sycamore Canyon, March 2, 2008

John and Monique (Neighborhood Mafiosa), March 2, 2008

Aaron & Cheryl, Los Robles Trailhead at Moorpark Road, March 8, 2008

Cheryl, Cheeseboro Ridge Trail.  John took a wrong turn and we ended up climbing much more than we wanted to.  Yikes!    March 21, 2008

John, Tim, Cheryl and Aaron at Shepards Flat at the top of the Chesboro Canyon Trail.  All the dirt on John is from when he did a nose dive over a boulder and into the dirt -- one of his worst crash-and-burns yet!  March 30, 2008

Tim, who says he has never ridden a full suspension bike off road, quickly caught on, both going downhill (above) and uphill (below).  Cheseboro Canyon Trail, March 30, 2008

Aaron (above and below).  Cheseboro Canyon Trail, March 30, 2008


Cheryl -- obviously having a good time.  Cheseboro Canyon Trail, March 30, 2008

Below is a map of our trips.  If you want to see where we have gone, click the link "See Larger Map" at bottom of map.  We're having a great time!!

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