The Garden

We both like to garden, John perhaps more than Cheryl, but both of us love to get our hand's dirty.  Since we moved in to our new home, we have planted stuff everywhere.  We have over 50 varieties of California Natives ("Cal Nats") all over the yard.  But we're not purests -- we also have many typical suburban garden plants.  We have nineteen rose bushes in the front yard surrounding the patio.

At our last house we dedicated a large portion of the rear yard to a formal garden with raised beds.  Most of this was vegetables, but we also grew flowers.  At our new home we spent the first few years planting the slopes, the front yard, alongside the 100' driveway, and around the koi pond.  We really missed the vegetable garden, so late in 2007 we began work on one.  In the lowest portion of our property -- a 20' x 100' part of the lot that had not been graded -- we terraced it off, added raised beds, installed steps between the levels, and fenced it to keep out the rabbits.  As of March, 2008, it is now almost finished.  Here are some pictures of our "Garden on the Knoll" under construction. 

Patricio started clearing and making the terraces in July, 2007


I wanted a small pond just outside the future garden fence, a pond that would give the local wildlife some place to drink. 

Unfortunately, I forgot to put some rocks or a ledge in the pond so the smaller wildlife could get out once they got in.  The very first night a lizard and a rat bit the dust.  Thanks a lot, Allday.  (I have since put lots of rocks and plants in the pond, plus mosquito fish.


Work continues, November, 2007

John built the bridge.  Patricio has done the rest!  What a guy!

raised beds out of farm grown redwood

Patricio personally dragged every single rock from the open space below our house, and hand placed them below each terrace.

Before the rabbit fence goes up, all we could plant was garlic!



and every garden needs a scare-crow!!



 (( See our Photo Album (accessible from main page) for more pictures of the garden ))