Perpendi Creek is an intermittent, spring fed creek in the valley behind our lot.  After it rains and the surface flows into Perpendi Creek have stopped, it will continue to have moving water in it for many more days due to the springs in the mountain.  There is also a vernal pond directly below our house, which stays full for months after the rainy season has ended. 

Even though Perpendi Creek is dry much of the year, it is, or should be, protected by the County of Ventura, the state Department of Fish & Game as well as the Water Resources Board and the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Without going into detail, lets just say that I have worked my butt off to make sure that these and other agencies are called whenever anyone screws around with the creek! 

Here are are photos of Perpendi Creek, including some showing the damage others have done to the creek.

Perpendi Creek

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This is what it looked like in 2003:

During winter and spring, there is plenty of water in Perpendi Creek


This is what some jerks allowed to happen -- idiots