Our Home

After living in Placentia for many years, we moved to our new home in Newbury Park two days before Christmas, 2002. 

The red arrow points to our house, which was under construction when this picture was taken in June of 2002.  Perpendi Creek runs just east of our house.  The company John works for built our house, the eleven others around it, plus the six across Perpendi Creek which are already roofed.  Most of this area was subdivided in the 1920s and built out years ago with ones-of-a-kind homes. 

This is our house under construction, from the south.

Shortly after we moved in.  That's Cheryl on the upper balcony.  The retaining wall below our basement is 18' high at its highest.  Quite a fall!

The house finished, from the south.

While watering a slope a few months after we moved in, I broke my leg. 

Got to get used to not living on flat land! 

In the Spring of 2005 I was clearing brush on a slope that faced my neighbor's house, so with my weedwacker I decided to give them something to brighten their day.  It just so happened that within the next week or so, on March 15, 2005 to be precise, the city's annual aerial photo shots were taken of our valley.  And now my work of art is on the city's website for posterity!  Can you find it?

P.S. Just noticed that the updated aerials on Google Maps and Google Earth are using this same aerial. December, 2007

We like to party!  Here was one of our first parties in our new gazebo / BBQ area.  July, 2006.

  Our koi pond shortly after completion, May 2006