Fred Allday was born July 16, 1913 in Los Angeles California

1920 at home at 5848 Denver Ave:

Fred's father was Ernest Frederick Schauer, who married Viola (Violet) Wilhelmina Kammermeyer.  This picture was taken in about 1911 when he was about 31 and she was about 18.  Might be their wedding portrait.

Violet and Schauer divorced and she married Jolly (John) Henry Allday in 1919.  This picture, with Fred's brother Richard, was taken in about 1924 when John Henry would have been about 38 and Violet 31:

Fred in 1920, with Richard:

1923, with little brothers Harold and Richard at their house at 326 E. 75th Street:

1926, with Ralph Tillman Kammermeyer, Violet's brother :

1926, with Richard and Harold:

Not sure, but maybe he was about 25 here ???

1942 with Richard and Harold:

About 1940 ?

Fred and our mom Gerry married in 1941 - Here they are with Richard, Harold and John Henry & Violet Allday:

1944 on steps of house at 3800 LaSalle Street.  Fred, Juanita, Gerry and Richard 

1944, with Violet

Dad joined the navy and left my mom to take care of baby Jim, 1945

1951 on steps of house at 3800 LaSalle Street.
Back Row: Harold, holding Tom, Dottie, Mom, Richard, Juanita and John Henry
Middle Row:  Judy and Carole
Front Row:  Fred, David, Jim, Joyce, John, 

1955, with David, Jim and John

1956, with Jim, David and John:

1958, with Violet, Richard and Harold:

1964, with Richard and Harold:

1970 with Harold and Richard:

1980 (estimate):

Dad passed away March 14, 1988

May his soul be in peace.