News Flash:

The Allday side

of the family

(extended version!!)

is having

a reunion

Memorial Day Weekend,



Should be fun! 


Check out the reunion website, at


Brother David Allday's Website:


The structure of John’s side of the family is quite simple – a brother here, a brother there, spouses and nieces – very easy to understand.  Cheryl’s “family tree” however looks more like a bowl of spaghetti.  Full this, half that, in-law this, ex that.  Not that it really matters.  Just don't ask for an explanation -- no one has ever been able to give one.

John, Cheryl, Cheryl's brother Norm, Norm's wife Annie, Cheryl's dad David and David's wife Liza (2007)

Give Cheryl's dad a blow torch and he can do anything, such as build the frame for our Koi pond bridge at our previous house.


            David and Liza, 2003                                                                                                               


                                                                    Cheryl, Cheryl's sister Gayla's son Mason, and Liza (2001)

Norm, Annie, Cheryl's mom Kay, Cheryl and John (Mother's Day 2003)

Annie, John, Cheryl, Annie's daughter Maura and her husband Chris, and Norm (August, 2004)

Cheryl's sister Gayla, her husband Jesse, and their two sons Mason and Jarred (at sister Rosie's wedding, 2007)

Rosie's new husband Wes, Cheryl, Rosie and Cheryl's brother Javier at our place in Laguna Percebu (March, 2007)

Whenever we go to Gayla and Jesse's home in Corona, we have carne asada!

Javier upon his "release" from his commitment to the USMC (September 2000)

Javier looking for a date, at our place in Laguna Percebu, March, 2007

Cheryl's sister Cathie and her husband Mark

David and Jim (to the left), Joan (right), and Ed and Jean Wimer at our party celebrating Cheryl's
graduation from Cal Poly Pomona, June 2002
(Ed was married to Jim, John and David's mom.)

This is John's brother Jim at Jim's 60th Birthday Party along with his daughters Erin and Liana.  12-2005

Jim's wife Joan and Liana, April 2000



more coming soon . . . .