I always thought it would be fun to have chickens.  So for my birthday in September of 2014, Cheryl bought me a coop and two chickens.  A new experience for me . . .

The coop + run are made by Dare2dream Farms in Lompoc.  Both parts are 3' x 3', which is big enough for 2 to 4 chickens.  

Both birds are about 11 weeks old.

The black and white chicken ("LaVerne") is a Barred Plymouth Rock.  The brown bird ("Shirely") is a Golden Sexlink.

After a few months I began to think that their coop and run is too small for any number of chickens to live in -- not that I know anything about chickens -- so I set out to make a much larger run for them.  Since we have many predators in our area, including hawks, crows, coyotes, weasels, snakes, dogs and cats, the new run had to be fully enclosed, including the top.  So I had a weekend project -- actually about 3 or 4 weekends, but now they can run around during the day.  Plus now I have room to get more chickens if I want!!

Sometimes I sit there and hand feed them.  Below, Rosie and JD feed them by hand.

I let them "free-range" some times.  Risky, but they enjoy it.

First eggs -- February, 2015.  They are now about 8 months old and should soon be producing an egg a day (each) for the next few years.  After that - chicken soup?????

Just when egg production finally started, LaVerne got a respiratory infection, so off to the vet we went.  Between the doctor and the meds, I just paid $116 to take care of a $15 bird!!  Plus, while she is on antibiotics for the next week or so, we can't eat the eggs!!!  Oh well, maybe Reina will eat them . . . 

3.69 pounds.  Eating size almost!