Alaska Vacation

In May-June of 2005, we visited Dale and Penny in Alaska. 

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Dale and Penny at Eagle River Nature Center, Chugach State Park

This was at Halibut Cove on the Kenai Peninsula, just across Kachemak Bay from Homer 

On the boat back to Homer from Halibut Cove

Between Anchorage and Homer.   I was surprised how much of Alaska is a wetland.

Independence Mine, north of Anchorage

Dale used to be the Supervising District Ranger for the State Parks Department.  He was a great tour guide, and he could get us into places that we outherwise would not be able to.   Dale snuck us into the Independence Mine the week before it opened for the season. 

Below, a close up of the mine, altered slightly with Photoshop

Sea Lions waiting for . . .  whatever

If you ever want to take a train, the Alaska Railway is the one to take.  Beautiful scenery, immaculate accomodations and extremely friendly staff.

Penny & Cheryl at Bird Point, Turnagain Arm

Turnagain Arm from Bird Point 

These two shots --  above and below -- are of the same place however the lower one is modified to be a "wood-cut" print with Photoshop

Dale and Penny have friends who own this cabin on the outskirts of Homer.  We stayed there for one night.  A little cramped, but absolutely fantastic views.  While you can't see them in this picture, there were four glaciers across Kachemak Bay that could be seen from the cabin. 

John birdwatching (or moosewatching, as the case turned out to be) on the deck of the cabin we stayed at in Homer.

Bald Eagle, Homer.  Bald eagles were as common around Homer as crows are in southern California.