What a beautiful place to visit in the Spring, as we did in late March, 2010 with our friends Jim and Pam Terhorst of Bellingham, Washington.  No time to better see this area than when the wildflowers are in bloom.  Here are just a few of the pictures we took.  Some were at homes on a desert garden tour, but most were out "in the wild."

The four of us in Lost Canyon



Fouquieria splendens

Desert Sand Verbena
Abronia villosa var. villosa


Wild Heliotrope, or Common Phalecia
Phacelia distans


On a garden tour on Sunday, this home has an "Asian" motif
Desert Agave
Agave deserti 


Brittlebush aka Incienso

Encelia farinosa


Golden Crownbeard aka Cowpen Daisy (or a Brittlebush)

Verbesina encelioides

Desert Dandilion

Malacothrix glabrata

Fremont Pincushion and Gold Poppy
 Chaenactis fremontii and Escholzia parishii


Desert Lilly, aka Ajo Lilly
Hesperocallis undulata

Desert Lavender
Hyptis emoryi

This tree shouldn't be on this list -- it was at one of the homes on the garden tour and I could not identify it even after getting home and going through lots of books, so I figured it was exotic.  I called the tour organizers and they thought it was a kind of Acaci and confirmed it is not common around here.  But it was pretty, so I included it.  I think it is a
Golden Wattle
Acacia pycnantha

Desert Chickory
Rafinesquia neomexicana


Hymenoclea salsola


Burrobush, aka Burro Weed, aka White Bur-Sage
Ambrosia dumosa

Rancher's Fiddleneck
Amsinckia menziesii


Gold Poppy
Escholzia parishii

Bigelow's Monkeyflower
Mimulus bigelovii


Gander's Cholla

Cylindropuntia ganderi

Creosote bush

Larrea tridentata


Chuparosa, aka Beloperone

Justicia californica

Varigated Agave
Agave americana var. marginata

California Barrel Cactus
Ferocactus cylindraceus

Beavertail cactus
Opuntia basilaris

Arizona Lupin
Lupinus arizonicus fabaceae


Apricot Mallow, aka Grenadine Desert Mallow
Sphaeralcea ambigua var. ambigua